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Tonal Painting Workshop     $429

Online Via Zoom: 8/13, 8/14, 8/20, 8/21, 10am-1pm, 4-6pm each day

Join me online for two weekends in August for a new workshop focused solely on tonal painting in oils! We'll take a good look at all the various materials you'll need to navigate as an oil painter, discuss how to go from a "drawing" mindset to one that champions "painting", break down the full value scale and make practical use of it as you develop your painting in three distinct stages, and further develop our understanding of observational painting as we refine our work with attention to the subtleties of "temperature".
The first weekend, the 13th & 14th, we'll focus on the "start" and work our way into a considered "middle game" with a focus on clear measured proportions, a dynamic design, a clear tonal hierarchy that spans the full value range, and the development of greater material facility.
The second weekend, the 20th & 21st, we'll focus on bringing our painting to a resolved state that capitalizes on all of our hard-earned efforts. We'll take a good look at edge hierarchy, in-between value shifts, and the refinement of a "composition". We'll also introduce an optional avenue of "temperature" dynamics which will be a solid way to level up the subtlety in our paintings!
We'll be using Zoom to meet live for those two weekends, and the recordings will be available to all workshop participants indefinitely.
Once your payment is received, you'll get an email from me within a day with instructions on how to join our workshop page and gain access to the materials list, our workshop itinerary, and other resources that I hope you'll enjoy and find useful!

Register Now: $429

Online Courses:

Sketchbook Development

Online Via Zoom
Monday Evenings from 6 - 9pm, 6/6 - 8/29 (no class 6/20)

Register Here

Looking to build or refine your sketchbook practice? Join me Monday evenings (NYC Time!) on Zoom for the months of June, July, and August, and fill a sketchbook with me!
Each week we'll look at examples of how sketchbooks have been used by both historic and contemporary artists, and we'll develop prompts to keep us moving forward in our own practice. We'll look at material studies, composition concepts, anatomical ideas, landscape strategies, reference uses, and a lot more! Sketchbooks are all about studying, exploring, playing, and making art for ourselves (no deadlines for shows or commissions here!) Building a personalized sketchbook practice takes time, and throughout this online course (and with the support of our peers), we'll fill a sketchbook and do just that! This course has been designed to allow for a ton of breathability- sketchbooks are a personal thing, and you're welcome to take the material in whatever way you'd like- as such, the course is suitable for anybody interested, regardless of their level of experience.
There will be a lecture/demo each class session, as well as an abundance of instructor feedback to help you move forward with your work!

Structural Skeletal Anatomy

Online Via Zoom
Wednesday Evenings from 6 - 9pm, 6/8 - 8/31 (bi-weekly)

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Looking to lend structural credibility to your figurative artwork? In this bi-weekly Wednesday evening online course, we'll take a good, through, look at the hard, consistently dependable tissue of the human figure: the skeleton!
Starting with proportion concepts, then moving on to the three major masses of the figure, and finally the limbs (with an extra focus on the difficult hands and feet!) Far from just the "facts" of skeletal anatomy, we'll be covering structural concepts that are directly informed via the skeletal masses to help us develop a rich understanding of how to use anatomy practically in our work moving forward. We'll look a number of historic and contemporary references, artworks, and figure images to help us round out our understanding and support the lecture/demo nature of this course.
Recorded feedback will be given on optional independent assignments throughout the duration of the course. To allow time for the material to be engaged with, and for feedback + time on independent assignments, this course will run every other week. Please take note of the class session dates listed below. Lastly, there will be images of nude, professional models used in this course to help us fully grasp the underlying anatomy.
This course is appropriate for anybody looking to better enhance their understanding of the human figure, and structural drawing concepts- no matter the skill level!