Online Courses:

Structural Comparative Anatomy Part I: Cranial

Online via Zoom
Wednesday Evenings from 7-9pm, 11/2 - 12/21

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Looking to lend structural credibility to your figurative artwork? Want to be able to better understand and illustrate cats, dogs, and horses? Want to really develop your understanding of anatomical forms and the various shapes they can take? In this Wednesday evening online course, we'll take a good, through look at the anatomy of the human figure, and compare it with the horse, dog, and domestic house cat in depth.
Starting with the underlying forms of the skeletal system, we'll build out our understanding of the soft tissue and musculature of each of these animals, studying how the forms of the same anatomical features differ from each other to suit the needs of functionality.
We'll make use of 3D models (digital and traditional), photography, diagrams, and artwork to gain insight into these complex anatomical features. The assignments for this course involve collecting imagery, drawing structural sketches (big form, and more specific structures), and ecorche studies. Digital or traditional art welcomed- any medium is a fine fit for the material we'll be studying.

In-Person Courses:

The New York Academy of Art is the only place I offer in-person public drawing, painting, and figure anatomy instruction.
The Fall session is currently open for registration!

Strategic Drawing (in-person!)

New York Academy of Art, New York, NY
Saturday Mornings from 10am - 1pm, 9/17 - 12/10

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Learn strategies to better navigate materiality, gesture, proportion, and light and shadow by working from both the Academy's amazing plaster cast collection and the live nude figure model. Each week in this in-person class will introduce new drawing and perception concepts while also building on the previous week's lesson, allowing us to break down the larger elements of figure drawing, such as gesture, proportion, basic structure, and light and shadow. Material use is very open, but the lessons will cover graphite and charcoal/chalk drawing material concepts.

Long Pose Figure Drawing & Painting (in-person!)

New York Academy of Art, New York, NY
Saturday Afternoons from 2 - 5pm, 9/17 - 12/10

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Through demonstration, discussion, and practice, students in this in-person class will gain an understanding of how the science of light can be harnessed along with their perceptual awareness to produce convincing works of figurative art. We will be discussing both drawing and painting, along with materials, from the ground up. Students of this course may choose to work on a new drawing or painting each week, or work on two long drawings or paintings during the course. Students may choose to work with any of the materials discussed- drawing or painting. We'll work from the live, nude figure for one of our long poses, and the other will be a clothed portrait!

Introductory Figure Anatomy (in-person!)

New York Academy of Art, New York, NY
Friday Evenings from 6:30 - 9:30pm, 9/23 - 12/16

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Through demonstration, discussion, and practice, students in this class will gain an understanding of how to apply structural and anatomical concepts to their figurative work. With an emphasis on gesture, proportion, perspective, and morphology, we will create a number of works from the observed nude life model. Anatomical figure construction throughout history will be discussed, as well as the contemporary practice of anatomical form as function, with an aim towards understanding how the human figure moves and articulates. Full figure as well as portrait anatomy will be covered at length.