Structural Figure Anatomy (SP19-DP211.KITSON)

New York Academy of Art, NY, NY
Saturday Afternoons from 2-5pm, January 26 - April 20 (no class 4/6)

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Through demonstration, discussion, and practice, students in this class will gain an understanding of how to apply structural and anatomical concepts to their figurative work. With an emphasis on gesture, proportion, perspective, and morphology, we will create a number of works from the observed life model. Anatomical figure construction throughout history will be discussed, as well as the contemporary practice of anatomical form as function, with an aim towards understanding how the human figure moves and articulates. Full figure as well as portrait anatomy will be covered at length. Students may choose to draw or paint.

Strategic Drawing (SP19-D208.KITSON)

New York Academy of Art, NY, NY
Saturday Mornings from 10am-1pm, January 26 - April 20 (no class 4/6)

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Beginning with drawing from the historic plaster casts in the Academy's collection and transitioning to the live model, this course examines multiple drafting strategies for both long and short poses. Guided by lectures, weekly class demonstrations, and personalized demonstrations, students will create observational drawings while studying material considerations, problem solving, "finishing", as well as anatomy, tone, gesture, proportion, and perspective. This course is designed for the student wishing to improve their drawing skills or to build a portfolio of work.

Private Instruction

Lancaster, PA
Various Times

I'm available to take on three students for the spring semester
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My Approach to Teaching:
I convey larger concepts though the presentation of lectures and demonstrations each week, which is then followed up by working one-on-one with the students as they work on that week's assignment in a studio setting. I supplement the lecture/demonstration with personalized demonstrations for each student as I go around the room, giving a more personal insight to their concerns as they work. I also bring in books, supplies, and physical samples to each class in order to provide the student with a more well-rounded understanding of the material which is being covered during that week. Emphasis is placed on gesture, proportion, perspective.